3 Reasons Your Drains Are Blocked and Their Corresponding Solutions

If you smell something horrible in your house and you don’t know where it’s coming from, it’s the effects of blocked drains. It’s a plumbing problem that’s not as severe as burst pipes but it’s very annoying. It would be better to solve it quickly before it escalates to a bigger problem. If you find out you have this problem, you must know the various causes and appropriate solutions.


If you have the habit of disposing of napkins and tissue paper down the toilet, you may want to stop that habit. It’s a common cause of blocked drains as they absorb the moisture and enlarge. It won’t be long before they block water passage in pipes. The best thing to do would be to put a garbage can in the bathroom so you can throw those wastes there instead.


During the fall season, leaves are expected to fall from trees. The smaller the leaves are, the bigger chances they have of getting stuck in your drains. It would be better to regularly keep the outdoor area clear of fallen leaves. You’ll cause your drains to become severely blocked if you leave the mess for a long time.

Poor Installation

If you thought you had the capabilities to install your water pipes yourself, you may be wrong. The worst part is you’re going to feel the effects of your actions a few years after you installed it. Therefore, you need to always let professional plumbers handle this task. You’ll be ensured everything is properly taken care of underground to promote a smooth water flow.

In conclusion, you must eliminate blocked drains before they transform into something major. It would be best to go for a professional plumber, for this situation and your best option would be the services of blocked drains in Sydney. They’re equipped with the needed equipment to make quick work of the task. They also won’t take too much of your time since they know you have a lot of things to do too. To find out how affordable their rates are, call them for an obligation-free quote.