5 Things to Do After Getting Engaged

Before you choose your wedding theme and wedding gown, here are the few things that you need to do first:

Tell Your Parents

As soon as the ring is slipped on your finger, call your parents or tell them in person about your engagement. They deserve to be the first ones to hear the big news. After that, update your other family members and have a celebration together.

Have a Night Out With Just Your Fiancé

Once the preparation starts, you and your fiancé will have less time for each other. Get in some good time with each other now and try not to talk about the wedding details. Just celebrate the milestone in your relationship by doing the things that you often do and enjoy.

Decide Whether You Want a Coordinator

Yes, a wedding coordinator will cost extra money. However, if you hire one, you will reduce stress in planning. You get to save time, too. They will be the one to negotiate with the caterers, organise favours, send the invitation and find the venue. If you think this won’t fit into your budget, you can consider asking the help of your friends and do the tasks on your own.

Start a Savings Account

Even if you are planning a simple wedding, this will still cost money. That’s why it is important to have wedding savings account. This way, you can keep cash accumulating and won’t run out of the budget. Open a savings account at any bank and make sure that you will spend it for your wedding-related expenses.

Attend Relationship Counselling

One of the best things you can do to not contribute to the staggering divorce rates is to have premarital counselling. In fact, according to Psychology Today, couples that receive relationship counselling have lower divorce rates than those that do not. So, help save your marriage before it begins and call Shamarie today.