5 Ways to Spruce Up Your Garden

Decorating your garden on a budget doesn’t mean you need to come up with a boring space. These simple tips can go a long way:

Garden Hose Holder

A host holder not only keeps the hose off the ground to prevent falls and accidents, but it can also make your yard more aesthetically pleasing. Just decorate the holder and paint it with bold colours for it to become more attractive.

Tree Stump Table

Instead of spending time and effort removing an old tree stump from your yard, why not convert this into a table? Just add a wooden or glass top and you can now enjoy this over a morning coffee or weekend brunch. Just make sure that the stump is not decaying.

Water Treatment

Fountains can bring soothing sounds and a mesmerizing effect to a garden. Moreover, these can add privacy to your place as well. That’s why you should consider having one in your garden area. If a full-size fountain may be out of your price-range, there’s nothing stopping you from having this as you can build your own version. You just need a tubing, pump, and two waterproof pots.

Light Up Your Garden

Lights can make the world of difference to your place. Depending on your garden theme, you can put coloured lights and hanging lanterns. Installing solar panels is also a good option if you have a good amount of natural sunlight in your area. While, this may cost you at first, it will help you save more money in the long run. This is because you can lower your utility bills and increase your house’s value.

Freshly Trimmed Lawn

You don’t need to spend time and effort to have a perfect, trimmed lawn that’s free of weeds and pests. Get an instant lawn for your garden by visiting Instant Lawn Adelaide website. With the instant lawn that they offer, you can make your yard more attractive in just a few hours.