Actron Air Conditioning Services

We are the finest makers of air conditioners in Australia. Our industry operates for many years, there is no stopping us in delivering high-quality services and in the manufacture of air conditioners which are proven to last for long years.

We completely understand the weather conditions in Australia and how it can be scorching hot at summer time and very chilly at winter time. This is why we designed Actron air conditioner which is ideal for Australian weather.

We encourage you to buy an Australian-made air conditioner products. This is because everything that we do is fit for the weather in the country. Our engineers took long years of planning and designing to come up with the perfect air conditioners for the people. And since the air conditioner is high quality made product, ordering is so simple and delivery is fast. So choose Actron air conditioner and you will never regret your decision.

To let you know, our air conditioning company has been the recipient of outstanding awards from 2007 up to 2016. These achievements are not easy to do and this is why we still continue to further improve our product lines and services for the people.

Types of Services

The Actron air Brisbane servicing both residential and commercial areas. For residential areas, we give all our customers advice as to which type of air conditioner to buy. With so many types to choose, from wall hung split type, ducted system, multi split system, we will take the time to discuss with you the options. We even provide an online demo for your better understanding.

For commercial areas, you can rely on our air conditioner products to give you reliable performance. We can help you decide which type is suitable for business establishments. Call Air Mark Air Conditioning now and enjoy an air conditioner that is proudly made here!