How To Avoid Additional Fees Upon Hiring a Photo Booth

If you will come to think of it, photo booths Sydney hire services are not too expensive, considering the quality of work. Although, when choosing packages, never just settle for the package prices but the inclusions as well.

There are many things that you should consider when it comes to hiring a photo booth. Yes, it is cheap but if things went beyond your control or things went beyond the inclusions on your packages, then it will definitely come more expensive than you expect.

Checkout the following before signing a deal:

Broken items

Even just as simple as props when it gets broken, then you will be charged a fee. The fee can be more expensive than the actual price of the item that was broken during the event.

Make sure that you check on your contract on how the company treats instances and issues as such. Some may let it pass, some may hold themselves responsible, but for others, they will let the customers pay for it.
Just to handle things a lot better, inspect each of the props, their camera, printer etc., if everything is in the best condition, you surely do not want to be charged if it is not your fault or your guests.

Exceeding hours or shots

This is something unavoidable especially if your visitors come uncontrollably having their photos taken in the booth, the charge of excess hours or shots may come a lot more expensive than they are included in the package.

If you want to prevent this from happening, you need to be sure that you were able to assess the number of your guests versus the package you will get.

Urgent or unscheduled services

If things are not scheduled or the service come sudden, the company may charge more expensive than the usual, thus this being said, it is ideal that you schedule way ahead the service, you never know the company you choose would give better package rates to those who are scheduling the service a lot earlier than the usual.