Tips On Buying The Best Home Security Doors

Every home owner minds about the security of their home. Even though most states and cities are secure, it requires an extra mile to reduce any cases of home burglary. Security of the home could start with the types of doors installed to protect physical unauthorized access. The doors should not be welcome mats for thieves. Some of the home security doors appear secure, yet thieves manage to enter, meaning that the home owner did not get the best doors for the security of the house.

Solid core doors

Home security doors that have this feature are hard to kick and thieves cannot break to steal. A simple knock at the door shows how solid core it is. Hollow doors produce an echo while the solid ones do not produce much sound because they are hard. A home will be more secure if the owners replace the hollow doors with fiberglass, metallic or solid woods. The idea is to make it difficult for thieves to break in so that they give up their efforts and leave the home without stealing anything.

Deadbolt locks

Exterior home security doors should have deadbolt locks for enhanced security. It is a lock that has a steel bolt which is long enough to extend to the door jump all the way to the frame. It reduces the risks of forced-entry burglaries. A metal strike plate reinforces it to ensure high standard security of the home. The bold should not feature exposed exterior screws, therefore, they should be installed in the exit doors.

Enhance existing locks

Door locks are important in all home security doors and it is important to change existing locks in case they get weary. A cylinder guard installed around the door locks that prevent thugs from prying and wrenching the loose locks. Solid strike plates are metals plates that go around the deadbolt enters the door frame. They make it more difficult for burglars to kick the home door. They should have screws that are long and can reach the door frame studs, which secure the home security doors in case of an attack.


One technique that burglars use in breaking into houses is knocking at it or ringing the door bell. It becomes easier for the burglars to forcibly enter a door that is partially open. A peephole ensures that the home owner only opens the door after seeing the person who just knocked.

Back door

The back door is a common target to thieves and burglars. They require security, just like the front door. Apart from securing the door itself, switching on the security lights is also important. It somehow scares the thugs.

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