Carry-on Camper-vanning

Campervans are a vastly underrated way to spend your hard-earned vacation. Whether its a weekend down at the beach or a road-trip across the country, there are few holiday options that match the flexibility or fun-factor of the campervan. Having wheels attached to your accommodation certainly has some great advantages and here’s just a few of them:

Travel where you please

The campervan allows you the freedom to spend your free time where you please. Fancy a week exploring the outback? Not a problem, just jump in the driver’s seat, pack up some supplies and off you go. Maybe you’d like to spend Christmas with friends but their house is already full for the for the holidays? Well you can just drive your own guest bedroom over the week. Perfect!

Flushing toilet and shower

Perhaps you absolutely adore the great outdoors – the clean air filling your lungs, the breathtaking expanses of untouched beauty and the serene calm of the wilderness. However, when nature calls, all that isolation can be more than a little problematic. It needn’t be an issue for the campervans owner though as their personal en-suite guest house is likely to be no more than a few meters away. Even if it happens to be at the end of a long hike, having your own facilities with you means you will not have to rely on the hygiene standards of others on whichever campsite you chose.


A good days adventuring off-the-beaten-track can only be made possible after a hearty breakfast. Luckily, the campervans has this covered too with their built in kitchen equipment. It doesn’t matter whether you’re preparing some pre-hike filler, a packed lunch for when you reach the summit or a celebratory banquet the evening of conquering a mighty peak, it’s all easily achievable using the on-board facilities. The ability to prepare one’s own food will also make the whole vacation a lot cheaper than dining out for the budget conscious, or those with many mouths to feed.

No need to hire a car

Many holiday resorts and hotels require you to hire an expensive car to get the absolute most out of the area in which they are located. With a campervans, however, this is not the case as your vehicle is already with you. The ability to explore your surroundings whilst enjoying your vacation provides you with a great deal of flexibility when deciding an itinerary for your days away,. This means that that visit to the water-park fifteen kilometers away your children keep pestering about might be on the cards after all!

So with all these great reasons to give it a try, why not drop the humble tent in favour of campervans for sale in Perth for your next vacation?