Why Choose Carports over Garages

A lot of modern day homes have embraced carports as individuals owning a vehicle is not considered to be a want but rather a need. Vehicles make day to day life and responsibilities easier and faster. A carport is a structure that functions as a shelter place for vehicles. The structure can either be attached to the main building or detached. Carports also has its sides opened as opposed to being walled.

These structures can serve the same function as a traditional garage. Carports Perth are available in different materials, with the common materials being aluminum, steel and tin because they are strong. Furthermore, they can stand against harsh weather conditions. These shades are also fire resistant to fire and are not easily attacked by termites.

One of the advantages of these shelters is that they are cheaper compared to the traditional garages most people have. This is mainly due to the materials used in the construction process. Additionally, the structure is made with the sides open, thus reducing the material needed. Unlike garages which take a lot of time to install, carports only take a short time and are easier to install. The shelter is made up of a joist and posts. This only requires the contractor to attach the joist to the posts to create a shade.

Another great reasons to choose these shelters over garages is that they are portable. Anyone can easily disassemble the structure when needed and move it to another location. While the portability of these structures largely depends on one’s physical ability, most of these shelters can be easily lifted by an average person.

The ability to use these structures for other purposes like weddings, parties and even a get together make them versatile as opposed to garages. These shades can also serve as a play area for the kids.

Safety is also another reason why carports have become popular. While car shelters may not pose the same safety measures as an enclosed area with walls, a research shows that a car kept in this shelter is less likely to get stolen compared to those parked on the side streets. People with car shelters fixed permanently to the house can easily convert the space into a verandah and create an additional space in the house.

Individuals considering a cheaper, yet portable way to shelter their vehicles can greatly benefit from getting a carport. These structures are sturdy and also function just like the traditional garage.