How to Choose a Long-Term Time Lapse Camera

Generally speaking, time lapse cameras are used to capture changing weather in construction sites. This is also used to monitor improvements in a project and record changes in river topography. This device has a potential in marketing and entertainment industry too, emphasising women and natural movements. If you’re planning to get one for your business, better inspect the quality of the material. Here’s how you do it:

Study the housing

This equipment will be installed outdoor that’s why it should have a durable housing to protect the device from the changing weather. See what type of metal is used on the case to prevent rusting over time. Remember, it should be fully sealed and firm to capture a month or year operations.

Fully locked

Since this is a pricey device, it can be a target of intruders and thieves. Make sure that the mount can be fully locked so no one will be able to snatch it. Ask the provider if the equipment can withstand any force and natural calamities like earthquake and thunder.


The case of the camera is not enough to prevent water from forming inside the unit. There should be an added feature inside that can absorb moisture. This is important as footage can suffer if there’s fog on the lenses. Invest in quality time lapse cameras so you won’t end up with a poor-quality video.

Solar power

The newest technology in cameras allows you to get energy from the sun. Solar powered time lapse cameras are incredibly useful to save on energy cost. If you’re running it for the entire year, you need an energy backup which comes from the sun.

High resolution

DSLR cameras can produce time lapse videos but they have limitations. When choosing a long-term time lapse cameras, go for the unit that records in highest resolution. You can get it at Relive It. Their cameras have 18-megapixel feature and 3G Internet connection. These can also be powered using the solar energy and you can easily download footage to your desktop. Visit their website today to schedule an appointment.