Choose The Right Cleaning Method For You Home Carpet

Carpets are one of the interior pieces that may redefine the ambiance of a house. However, keeping them clean may entail tedious a process and requires effort and time as they are hard to clean due to its size, and needs a lot of drying time. There are household carpet cleaning methods that are then applicable to ease the cleaning process. These methods are only applicable for home use as they may be only enough for home-sized carpets and have varying effectiveness in totally removing the dirt and soil particles.

Vacuum Cleaning

This method of carpet cleaning uses vacuum cleaners in sucking up dirt and soil particles. This is probably one of the most common household widely used up to this time. They utilize air pumps to create partial vacuums that create the sucking effect. The dirt sucked up is into a cyclone (dust bag) which uses gravity and rotational effects to separate the soil and dirt from gas particles instead of a filtering device. Nowadays, special features are added to enhance the effectiveness of sucking up the soils totally. Vacuums are now equipped with rotary vacuum head, spray jets, and steam and agitation features to have a multi-directional cleaning scheme and to deep clean the fibers of the carpet. Additionally, robotic vacuum cleaners, cylinder and backpack, wet-dry inflatable, and upright features are also available.

Stain removal

Stains have been one of the nastiest forms of carpet filth as they are hard to remove unlike other soil and dirt particles. When a stain is not removed immediately it may permanently alter the fiber color of the carpet resulting to its discoloration. Normally, small-sized carpets are immediately soaked in stain removing detergents and soaps for a period of time and washed off right after. However, this may be very tedious in case of a bigger carpet with a small portion only stained. Hence, simple life hacks in removing stains are utilized. These methods are probably one of the oldest methods of carpet cleaning as ordinary household and organic materials are utilized in this process. Organic materials include grass and tea leaves for collecting dust; white bread or pipe clay for removing oil; lemon, hartshorn, and oxalic acid to remove ink; naphtha, turpentine, and ox gall to get rid of grease fats; benzene and alum to eradicate insects; diatomaceous earth and similar materials such as cat litter to eliminate infiltration, and ammonia and chloroform to remedy acid discoloration. In cases of candle wax stains, a towel is placed over the stained area and the steam from clothes iron is carefully damped into it until all the candle wax are absorbed by the towel; the towel can then be washed after. It is important to take note that in these methods, caution must be observed at all times as some of the aforementioned materials are harmful chemicals and fire hazards.

Conventional cleaners

These are the simplest and less tedious methods of carpet cleaning. Brooms, brushes, rug beaters, dustpans, carpet rods, feather dusters, and other carpet beating devices are all used in removing carpet dust and dirt. However, they are not as effective as vacuums and other advanced methods as finer soil particles aren’t dusted off completely. Also, carpet is more vulnerable to damage because of friction and manner by which these cleaners are used.

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