How to Clean Carpet Stains?

If your floor is carpeted, there could be a lot of possible stains that could hit your carpets and for sure you are aware that carpet stains is a bit hard to clean. You could ask help from experts or you could clean it by yourself. it will all depend on the stain that the carpet accumulated.

Stains could come from different sources, stains is actually inevitable especially if there are kids in the household, pets or there are activities or events held at your place. You have to make sure though that you have all the right cleaning tools and actually knowledge to keep them back to its cleanest.

You could try to check out available tutorials in the web to check which would be the best effective ways for you to treat and clean those carpet stains.

Different Stains and Possible Remedies

There are usual stains that you could hopefully be treated with those available home remedies


This is actually common to happen if you have kids in the household who are really curious. You could try using WD-40 as a possible solution

Steps to Clean Ink Stains

Spray enough amount of WD-40 on the affected area

  • Wait for couple of minutes
  • then clean as usual, with your regular carpet cleaner and sponge it with warm water
  • ink should be gone after it dries up

Pet Urine, Coffee or Tea Stains

This is obviously very common to those who have house pets and of course to anyone who are in to drinking coffee and tea. This is one of the most common stains that could possibly hit your carpets

Steps to Clean Stains

  • Wipe any excess liquid with a cloth or best if you have absorbent sponge
  • Pour ample amount of club soda or beer
  • Continuously do the process until you almost see that the stain disappears
  • Once the third step has been achieved you could go clean your carpet as usual

There are available stain removal that you did not think could possibly treat and clean those stains

  • Vinegar
  • Shaving Cream
  • Salt
  • and a lot more to ensure to help you clean all those stubborn stains

If in any case that the steps you completed and home remedies are not enough then seeking for professional advice or assistance is recommended, carpet is not cheap thus it is best that you try all possible ways to clean it up. There are available experts that could clean it for you and bring it to its original condition or better. Contact Omega for a free quote.