Colour Tips for Website Design

Everyone has a personal favourite colour. However, this doesn’t mean that you can just use yours when you are designing a website for your business. You need to know if the colour that you’ve chosen could trigger your desired response. To help, we listed the colours that may appropriate for your brand.


If you are planning to use green, you must know that it is often associated with nature and environment. If you are not selling organic products or anything that is related to that, this might not be your best choice.


The colour red represents boldness, passion, and excitement. This is also commonly used in the food industry as it can make you hungry. Think of McDonalds’ and Wendy’s. If you have a restaurant or if your brand represents action and excitement, this is the tone for you.


Blue represents calmness and peace. It also represents reliability and authority. Think of banks and educational institutions. When using this, you should also consider the colour of your text and the image that you will use.


Black signifies elegance, sophistication and money. That’s why this is the colour that is commonly used by big brands like Chanel, Rolls Royce, etc. if you will also visit Black Sheep Creative website designs, you will see how sleek and how high-end, their designs are. This is because they know how to properly use black on their site.


White represents cleanliness and purity. So, if you are up for a neat and minimalists design, go for this. However, you need to be careful as you don’t want to bore your audience. You need to use another colour to make it more appealing.

If you can’t decide what colour to use for your brand, don’t worry as our company can give you creative assistance. You can visit our site to know the services that we offer.