Why Consider Branded Promotional Products

Everyone loves the word “free”, and that includes free promotional products. But truth is, branded promotional products work far better than generic promotional gifts in many ways.

Pens, flash drives, reusable bags and notepads are few of the most popular and good options. They are usable and can last for a long period. It is better though if you consider the two factors below that can give you the highest success in branding and creating a lasting impact:


To make your branded promotional products highly effective, choosing items that your recipients will use on a regular basis is a must. Other than the usage, you also want something that can be kept for the longest time possible.

The duration of time and the occasion they are using your branded promotional products will give your business a higher chance of being seen by the recipient’s colleagues, acquaintances, and friends. Your business name and logo will be introduced to someone else as your recipient uses the product on duration as long as the product is working.


It does not mean that if you spend more on your branded promotional products, you will get higher conversions. Many notepads land on the recipient’s table and become used often, but the question here is: are these items making people remember your company?

The product you choose should have relevance to your business or company. Or else, it will be ineffective. Below are few examples to help you understand this requirement better:

  • Promotional aprons for food company or restaurants
  • Hand sanitiser from a hospital or doctor
  • Reusable bags for environmentally conscious companies
  • Branded sunscreen for dermatologists
  • Pet products with your logo on it for dog trainer, veterinarian, or groomer

To add, you may also want to incorporate your business colour theme to the items you are giving away. This will somehow help your business give a good representation and easy recognition. People can easily remember colour and logo so these should be visible on the promotional products you are giving away.