Contemporary Kitchen: A Peep In To The Future

One could easily visualize what kitchens during the earlier days could be. The kitchens of the olden days were messy, dark, smoky and filthy kitchens without any ventilation and totally cluttered. These kitchens were claustrophobic, lacked adequate space for movement around the kitchen and were considered to be hazardous in every manner. A kitchen during those days was prone to catching fire thereby a place where anyone dreaded to enter. The chimneys were constructed of brickwork and the smoke flowing through them spread ash and soot throughout the kitchen, which proved to be a major and potential health hazard.

The Genesis

The genesis of the kitchen has taken a long time to evolve and the evolution of the present day kitchen has undergone a dramatic change. A modernized kitchen these days symbolizes advancement. Today’s kitchen is more functional and means more than only a pleasant place to prepare meals for the family. It serves as one of the most centralized places in a home where a family sits down together to enjoy a delicious meal, besides socializing with other family members and friends. There are two distinct methods of designing a modern kitchen. One of the methods is to update an existing kitchen by providing makeovers, while the other is to design a brand new kitchen. However, both these methods involve massive changes right from flooring to the provision of ready to assemble kitchen cabinets through providing adequate space for moving as well as proper ventilation through ultra modern chimneys.

An Ultra modern kitchen

Ultra modern kitchens are a boon for the cooks who spend a major part of their time in kitchens preparing meals for their families or guests. Ultra modern kitchen where there are a pleasant ambiance and a congenial atmosphere; makes it easier for the cook to concentrate on his latest innovative recipes and preparing delicacies that would become a source of delight and pleasure for everyone. One of the most significant aspects of any modern kitchen is the interior decor.

The Decor of the Kitchen

The colors adorning the kitchen could be within the range of dark to light pastel shades. The dual shading of the opposite walls is in vogue, where two of the walls could be in light pastel shades while the other two can be in dark pastel color. The old days of shelves are shelved’ and have paved the way for ready to assemble cabinets with sliding doors providing ample space for storage purposes. These RTA cabinets are equipped with power points that can provide an adequate power source for several appliances to be used in the kitchen. One of the most common features of the modern kitchen is the island. Islands are large consisting of a convenient cabinet or holder or appliance coordinator right in the center of the kitchen. The function of the island is that it saves ample space furthermore adds allure to the decor of the modern kitchen.

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