Do Carpet Steam Cleaning For A Healthier Living

Time and again it is proven that the fibers on a carpet need to be cleaned not only on its surface but also deep into its fibers. Vacuuming the carpet can only remove the debris found on the upper surface, but with in-house pollutants being so many in number, it is only wise to have the carpet cleaned using more sanitary methods. Earlier in 1970’s shampoo cleaning of carpets followed by wet vacuuming was highly prevalent. With the advent of more modern machinery and cleaning concepts, carpet steam cleaning became famous and widely used in the last two decades.

Steam cleaning of carpet has been identified as an effective way to remove debris and allergens from the carpet using hot water and steam. It gives a more complete and deep treatment to remove dirt that get embodied into the fibers themselves. These pollutants can cause diseases and allergies to kids and adults. With pets at home, it is all the more advised to perform a steam cleaning of the carpet on a timely basis.

The cleaning concept used in carpet steam cleaning is by utilizing equipment to bombard hot water into the carpet and remove dirt. Since heated water is used, bacteria, germs and mites are reduced in the carpet. Using the equipment, the amount of water let on the carpet can be controlled and any excess water is removed using a suction component in the machine. As mentioned above, since the main component of this technique is water and not any other chemical, one can expect less discoloration of the carpet itself. Also the drying time of the carpet is much less when compared to other carpet cleaning methods. It should also be kept in mind that the air inside the room stays fresh, clean and free of unwanted chemicals.

The carpet steam cleaning process involves three important steps: preconditioning, extraction and drying. Preconditioning is nothing but preparing the carpet for cleaning. Some alkaline agents or cleaning agents are sprayed on a carpet and scrubbed, followed by automatic or manual cleaning of the surface to rinse out any alkaline particles. Extraction is the most important process and as mentioned above it involved shooting hot water on the carpet fibers and sucking out the dislodged dirty particles and excess water. Drying typically takes anywhere between twelve and twenty four hours depending on the outdoor weather conditions, ventilation in the room, etc.

Usually Omega Carpet Cleaning services Melbourne is hired to do the carpet steam cleaning process as it requires great precision and skill to completely get rid of dirt on the carpet. It is advised not to carry out steam cleaning on a humid day because it would take much longer time to dry. Cleaning the carpet properly and maintaining it dust free will make it last two times as longer as a dirty carpet. This process is the most used method to deep clean your carpet. With the correct professional help and advice and right tools required for your household or commercial area, this method is assured to provide a much healthier living space.