Why Dog Grooming Is Good for Their Health

Contrary to what people believe, dog grooming is not a luxury and just done to keep your dog good-looking. This is also important to maintain your dog’s health. Moreover, with dog grooming, you can spot health problems and treat them before they become serious. Here are more of its benefits:


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Aside from regular brushing can remove the dirt and dead hair from your dogs, you can also make them safe by preventing them to eat their hair. Eating hairball doesn’t often occur still, this can happen and can bring infection and intestinal blockages to your pets. In addition, brushing brings out the natural oil in their fur keeping their hair shinier and healthier.

Just remember that when brushing them, don’t forget to inspect their skin and look for any ticks, bald and fleas. You should also be wary of dry patches, too.

Eyes and Ears

Dogs are prone to infection and parasites. Commonly, their ears serve as the insects’ breeding ground. That’s why it is important to clean these at least twice a week. If you see that these have an unpleasant smell or swollen, consult the veterinarian as these could be signs that there are ticks and mites in their ears or in the body. Eyes need a routine check-up, too. When you see any redness, trim their hair and go to a vet.


Nail trimming is the only way to prevent your dogs from getting caught in your carpet or sofa furniture. Cutting their nails can also prevent the risk of injury as long nails can grow into the toe pads, causing infection. Just remember that if you don’t have the tools and the knowledge how to cut their nails, better seek the help of the experts as they can easily get hurt and may cause problems.

If you are now enlightened how dog grooming can affect your dog’s well-being, it’s now time to keep them clean and visit dog Grooming Redcliffe now!