Dogman Training in Australia

In Australia, Dogman License is essential for people who want to pursue the career as Dogman.  Since Australia promulgated the DG license requirement is mandatory, many institutions started offering Dogman Training courses imparting the essential knowledge required in this field, which make a candidate capable of handling the job, and prepare them to meet the strict standard set for National High-Risk License for Dogging.

What are the course materials offering for DG license?

Dogman Training course material covers a broad range of subjects, with theory and practical training. As part of the course, a student needs to study planning the job and the following topics:

  • Inspection of equipment
  • Selecting the right equipment
  • Job and equipment preparations
  • Engaging with dogging job
  • Cleaning the area
  • Completion of the job

Does the institute work under standard curriculum?

An Institute that is compliant with the standard quality regulations put forward by the Australian civil administration and those who have registration can only offer such courses and their certificates only have recognition for finding a job as a dogman.

dogman training

Duration of the course:

The Dogman Training course will have 5 days, theory and practical training.  After successful training, the student will be offering Statement of Attainment for the Nationally Recognized unit CPCCLDG3001A Perform Dogging.

About the course:

The Dogman Training course aims to reduce industrial casualties. Therefore, a lot of focus apply on the safety features, prevention and precautions methods.  Reflex actions is an essential element in the course and the course proper candidates foresee the problem that may happen due to wrong handling. The dogman training facility in Sunshine Coast offers insight knowledge into the intricacies of the subject.

As a rule, all students who are aiming to become DG license holder should have written and spoken English language skills. The training will be tiring, and the candidate must be physically fit and have the ability to demonstrate competency.

Online courses:

Some institutes in Australia offers online theory courses for Dogman Training. Taking online courses will reduce the amount of time required to spend at an institute.  If one can take online courses, then he need undergo only practical training at the Institute.  The theory classes will include the load capacity calculations, important elements considered during loading and effective way communication with crane operator, etc.


Even though the job is tiring and to need to have always in the open field, communicating with the crane operator, the job offers excellent remuneration.  One needs not required higher academic qualification to become a dogman.  Anybody attained 18 years of age, physically fit and with good reflex action can learn Dog Training course and make a living out of this job.