How to Dress at the Office – Corporate Uniforms Guide

To be happy at work, you have to invest in small things that make you smile, like a cool corporate uniforms to make you feel attractive and flirtatious. An outfit to get praised and envied by other colleagues.

You can look amazing, choosing the right clothes, even if the salary is not that big, you can make your own corporate uniforms and others will wonder whether you got a raise or won the Lotto.

Additionally, many employers are extremely dissatisfied with the way the recruited staff dresses at work. Many women choose to dress different from a corporate uniforms, which is seen an inappropriate by the employers. But rest assured, below you’ll find the best advices on the best business attire.

You should know what proper corporate uniforms means, regardless whether the company you work for has office regulation or not. If the company you work for has a more relaxed style, you can opt for smart casual outfits and not necessarily corporate uniforms. That means that you are allowed to wear jeans to work. If the rules require an office attire, try to gradually adopt, even if you’re not a fan of it.

The outfit you wear to work should always be clean, neat. The clothes must always be prepared some time beforehand to look perfect.

The do’s and don’ts of office attire:

  • Don’t overdo it with the perfume. We know you have a perfume that you adore and that makes you feel sexy, but people have different tastes. Your boss or coworkers may be inconvenienced by a too strong smell, which can give headaches. You should leave a trail of perfume behind you, but be discreet!
  • The attire for the job should be decent, but not monotonous. You can be creative and juggle trends. And in case don’t forget the accessories. They are the ones that bring an outfit out of anonymity.
  • Don’t exaggerate with the makeup either. Use eye shadow, but in assorted colors with the attire.
  • Watch your personal hygiene such as: eliminating the smell of sweat, a funky breath. Try to have a look as pleasant, clean and tidy as you can.
  • If you wear a certain uniform, don’t panic. You can give it a personal touch using accessories, earrings, bracelets, rings and shoes
  • Never wear shoes with a too high heel at the office, especially if you have to spend many hours standing. You’ll end up with terrible back pain.