Easy Tips for Digital Photo Recovery

After a very long day of shooting the most beautiful photo images that you are very excited about, you remove your memory card and go to your computer to download them only for it not to read the card. By this time you must be feeling very frustrated by the fact that you may never see this photos.

But on thinking about the vast number of photos you take every year, it is very likely that your card is corrupted so what do you do? Give up on it and start the whole process again tomorrow with a new memory card and new card reader? No, there’s no need for that. At CLB digital photo recovery Melbourne, we can help you with digital photo recovery within twenty four hours or even less especially, if we are dealing with a corrupt memory card.

In such a case, we guide you through an online process where we give you a recovery software that does all the digital photo recovery for you.   But here are a few tips you can use to avoid corrupting your cards and losing your precious photos.

  • Always take precaution

Your aim should be to always keep all your digital files. This means having an updated antivirus software, using very high quality CF and SD cards, though they may a bit expensive, they do not corrupt easily.

It is also good practice to format your cards after every shoot and of course after downloading the photos to your computer. To also avoid inconveniences, you should use multiple digital cards for events that cannot be re-shot such as birthday parties, weddings or even taking a photo of a unique destination or portrait. This way, if one of the cards corrupts, you can still access great photos from the other photos before you start working on the digital photo recovery process.

After transferring all your digital files to your computer, you should also back them up in an external hard drive or cloud storage. You can do the backup process before editing the photos and also after the editing process. This will save you in the event your hard drive crashes on you.

A corrupt memory card is one thing but a corrupt hard disk is another thing because of the bulk of important files it mostly carries. But, we can also help you with this. In the event the recovery software we provide you with doesn’t work, we can organize for shipment so we work on it using more digital photo recovery tools after which your hard drive should be functional again.

But, always take the necessary precautions by backing up all your digital files in different places.