How Do You Want To Get Healed – Energy Healing?

Spiritual Energy Healing is focusing more on the Divine intervention to heal. Healers are setting aside themselves and let intervention to come upon them and they will transfer it to the one being healed. This is more of healing by faith. You are removing all the bad elements on someone’s body for them to get healed.

This could be considered as a devotion for the healers as they are setting aside themselves to accept the Divine Grace for the good of another. They are accepting the intervention not to help them heal but the other person who is in need of healing from the Divine energy. The healers are actually not using their energy to help but the Divine Intervention that come into them.

There are different ways to transfer the Divine intervention from the healer to the one being healed. It could be transferred through touch. This is actually one of the most usual, they are transferring the intervention by touching the patient. Direct contact to patient and sincerely giving the energy to the patient from the energy she or he received from the Divine Intervention

It could also be transferred even without seeing the person to whom the energy should be transferred. Energy will be transferred through prayer and belief. The healer will receive the Divine Energy and will pray to have it transferred to the one being healed even without any connection or sight.

There is actually one which they called Magnetic Healing, this type of healing has no connection in anyway about Divine intervention, people who are called for this challenging responsibility is transferring their energy to someone in need without them knowing. This could be a bit tricky though as the transferred energy to the patient will make you feel weak and tired. The transfer of your energy to the patient makes him well and makes you weak.

Whatever or however it could be, it is the faith that comes from the healer down to his or her patient will actually be the source of healing for the patient.

Spiritual energy healing modalities would be effective if both people involved have faith that the patient will get healed from Divine intervention. This method of healing will measure the faith you have that the universe will help you get healed and the Divine energy would be your strength to get better and be well. This is truly a devotion from the healer and belief that all could be done according to His will