The Essence of Life Coaches

Tick the under listed if they relate to you:

• transitioning from adolescent to adult
• transitioning from college to the corporate world
• thinking of a career change
• how to achieve set life goals
• how to navigate the tricky path of life
• At a crossroads?
• Don’t know what you want to become in life?
• How to sharpen skills and gain knowledge?

The above are questions which most individuals find themselves facing on a daily basis. This might not be as a result of indecision or lack of knowledge but rather, lack of guidance on how to go about accomplishing them. As a result of this, most people find themselves being held back and in stationary positions all through their life. It is best for people when faced with these situations to reach out for help to avoid regrets in future. These are where a life coach comes in.


First and foremost, life coaching refers to gaining assistance or help from a peer or individual who has more experience in certain areas than you. These areas can be social, physical, emotional or business wise. As a result of their experience and knowledge, individuals who are mentors in life coaching are better able to provide answers to questions troubling you by identifying the topmost goals you wish to attain. After determining the goals, the coach then identifies the reason why they have not being accomplished and what could possibly be holding back progress on the part of the individual.

Most people compare a life coach to a business consultant and mentor. In most cases this through and in others, it can also differ. In life coaching, the individual may be hired to look at the client from an outsider point of view and pinpoint weaknesses and areas that need improving. This it is similar to the job of a business consultant. The life coaches are known for not holding anything back and staying the facts like it is regardless of whether they are bitter to swallow.

In the case of individuals like adults, life coaches are hired to improve their social skills, skills, organization and productivity in the world of business. They can be beneficial as the coaches help the individuals in understanding the fact that no one else except the individual is responsible for their success. This in itself is empowering as the individual strives to become something by changing their approach to living. A good life coach sets out an agenda in which are enlisted goals and objectives which the individual must fulfil.