Everything You Need To Know About Dogman Ticket

If you are planning to apply as a doffer then you should first get a dogman ticket. A dogman ticket is just like a license or it is really a license and you will have higher chances of being accepted if you are with a license as you well know. There are many dogman ticket training provider online that you can choose from. However, you should not choose randomly as you need to look for a training provider that can really provide everything you need for the kind of job you are applying for. Note that not all providers might be able to provide the training you need for the particular job you are applying for. so, check out the history of the training facility you are planning to enroll with and you can also check out their outline of training. You can talk to one of their previous trainees as well so that you will know what to expect.

Here are some of the things to expect when getting a dogman ticket Sunshine Coast:


  • First of all, there are no pre-requisites when it comes to acquiring for a dogman ticket. And in fact, your previous knowledge and trainings will not be considered here. However, the duration of the training will greatly depend on your ability to learn thus in a way, your previous knowledge will still matter.
  • Usually, the training will last for 5 days but you can finish this earlier and you can also finish this longer. But note that whenever you finish the training, the amount paid will be the same whether it is longer or earlier.
  • Before enrolling in a dogman ticket training, you should first familiarize yourself with some basics about dogging. In doing so, you wll right away understand the instructions given to you while on training.
  • When you are already a licensed dogger or dogman, you can then be able to provide services such as the ability to know how to select and inspect the lifting gear, how to apply slinging techniques, assisting the crane operator concerning the movements of loads and still many others.

Here are some of the possible outcomes after you acquire a dogman ticket:

  • Application of Working Load Limit formulas for lifting chain, wire rope, natural and synthetic ropes
  • You will be able to read load charts
  • You will now know the appropriate ways in dealing with cranes
  • Learn about the safe slinging techniques
  • You will not be able to understand some hand signals that are inevitable in this kind of work and whistles as well and still many others.

So, these are the things you will learn after getting the dogman ticket. Seeing the responsibilities of a typical dogger, you can easily see why a dogman ticket is required. So, be sure you are equipped with this before applying for a dogman job.  Application of Working Load Limit formulas for lifting chain, wire rope, natural and synthetic

Working at heights and confined spaces requires appropriate training.