Exciting Activities while You Are on Fiji Resorts

You will not regret your decision in choosing Fiji as your next holiday destination. This place is situated on the Pacific and it is gifted with three hundred thirty three islands. So many activities await you when you decide to stay in one of the Fiji resorts as itemized below:

  • Island hopping- there are so many islands to explore. Each island is blessed with clear blue water and inviting white sand beaches. You can spend your morning and watch the sun rises and then move on to another island for your lunch. Then watch the sunset in another island.
  • Sigatoka sand dunes- when you have a  vacation in Fiji, why don’t you try to go to Sigatoka sand dunes? The distinctive characteristic is how the sand looks like- the color of the sands is grayish to brown and covered with shrubs and vines. Great area for a photo-op.
  • Mangrove forests- while vacationing at Fiji, one of the activities to enjoy is the mangrove forests where the trip will even take you to the fishing villages of Fiji.
  • Fiji museum- while you are staying in one of the Fiji resorts, you can book a tour going to the Fiji museum. Travelling is more productive and memorable if you will get the chance to learn more about the place you are visiting. You can find archeological objects that date back as far as three thousand seven hundred years ago.
  • Garden of the sleeping giant- book a tour on this garden while you are staying in one of the Fiji resorts. Don’t worry because the flowers are very awake and alive with colors. Here, you can find many endemic orchids that are in bloom. Apart from orchids, you can see many beautiful flowering plants and evergreens.
  • Diving- while staying at one of the Fiji beach resort, you can try snorkeling and diving. See for yourself why Fiji is named as the soft coral capital of this planet. Be dazzled with the interplay of color display from the corals and the richness of the marine life.
  • Surfing- experience the high waves at the Mamanuca Island. Fiji is popular for high waves that will match the adrenaline of the surfers.
  • Buy pearls- bring home some beautiful jewelry laced with South sea pearls. These are the perfect souvenirs that you can take with you from your adventure in one of the Fiji resorts.