What to Expect when Hiring a Housekeeper

Are you overwhelmed and can’t get the things done in your personal life that are vitally important? You really just need to clean your house. And have no time to do it. This is when you should hire a domestic cleaning services Melbourne typically known as a housekeeper. They tidy up around the house doing all the tasks that you do not have time for. But how do you hire one? Of course you can always ask around but not everyone has that Luxury of having a housekeeper today however those services are not just restricted to the wealthy. Middle-class Australian citizen of every day are hiring help at home. Is it really worth a few bucks to feel overwhelmed and overworked? Not with today’s prices on getting your very own home maid.


The first thing you want to look for when you are hiring help and your home is to make sure that

Those Domestic cleaning services are insured and bonded. Companies offer finding services to any individual that works in someone else’s home regularly or their place of business. It is a set amount of money like insurance that says you are protected in case something breaks in your home of value or your housekeeper gets sticky fingers. It is an awful thing to even think about but it goes both ways. A client can accuse and innocent housekeeper of something simply misplaced. It prevents stress for both parties. What can be better than that? It also guarantees that they will finish the job that they are contracted for.

What kind of work can you expect them to do?

A domestic cleaning services usually has standard services included in a cleaning package of what they will do. You can always request services but of course it’s up to the individual at your house at their discretion.

  • They generally make beds if requested, change sheets and do the laundry
  • Clean the toilet, sink, shower and or bathtub in all bathrooms.
  • Sweep and mop or vacuum all hallway and rooms
  • Dust the end tables, lamps, corners of the ceilings for spider webs, and dust the computers, televisions and phones
  • Pick up and clutter the main rooms of the house. They organize to a degree but not in an excessive hoarding situation. That is not a domestic cleaning service task, it is a professional organizer job.
  • Fold all laundry and put in a basket when it’s complete.
  • Change all garbage and liners. Take the trash to an acceptable location outside of the residential premises. Put it in a dumpster if one is available for use.
  • Do the dishes in the kitchen sink and put them away appropriately
  • Spray down all counters and tables in the kitchen and dining room if there is one.
  • Pick up and wipe down the children’s and baby toys.
  • Put all coats away on a coat rack or in the closets
  • Organize the coffee table and the magazines or books