Finding Work as Furniture Removalists

People who want a career that offers different change of scenery, help people move from one place to another, have an eye for detail, and does not mind stretching a muscle or two while being paid should pursue positions for furniture removalists. There are many removal companies that are always in need of people who are up for the challenge.

Job description for furniture removalists

One of the major tasks involves packing items carefully into boxes and securing them in such a way that it minimises the possible damage they might sustain during transport. Muscle work is also involved as they are expected to disassemble, move, and reassemble furniture safely into trucks. Sometimes, removal staffs have to manipulate hand trucks, forklifts, and cranes for really heavy lifting. Driving skills and navigation are also important. Minimal paperwork and liaison work with clients are also expected.

Skills and experience for furniture removalists

Brawn is a necessity for this job as it involves manual tasks. Another important requirement that removal companies look for is the methodical care that their potential staff has in packing customer goods. They should also be able to work on-call, even on early mornings or late evenings. Companies would hire people who present themselves well and can offer friendly customer service. Additional qualification that may increase the chances of getting hired is having a truck or forklift license and significant experience in the removals market.

There is no formal educational requirement to work in this position. There is a traineeship for furniture removal which might take 24 months to complete. Courses include how to pack and unpack cartons, handle furniture and personal effects, packing for international transport, and estimating costs and duties. Licenses for driving trucks and operating equipment, such as forklifts and cranes require training as well. Contact the Sunshine Coast furniture removalists for professional moving service.

Job prospect for furniture removalists

Working for the removals industry meant being away from for extended periods of time. This is especially true for interstate removals. There is also a lot of heavy lifting, despite the hand trucks and all the other mechanical tools for efficient hauling. Experienced removalists know how to lift heavy items efficiently without sustaining injury but most of it is learnt on duty.

On average, people employed by removal companies can earn about AUD 52,000 to AUD 65,000 a year, especially for drivers. However, this depends on the company they work for and level of experience. The more experience they have, the better pay they will get.

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