Frameless Shower Screen Really Rocks!

Are you having in a dilemma as to what type of shower screen to use? Well, that is understandable being all types of glass shower screens are really amazing with their sleek and clean look. The best thing to come up with the best decision is to check online some pictures of all the types of shower screens so that you can picture them out installed in your bathroom. However, aside from the look, note that you must also consider the space in your bathroom as there are types of shower screens that can really take out more space than the others. But your dilemma will not only be restricted to the type of shower screens but you also need to consider if you will go for the frameless glass, the framed or the semi-framed. Obviously, the best one here is the frameless glass though it is also the most expensive.

Here are some few facts about glass shower screens:

– Most homeowners are concerned about the safety of glass shower screens noting that they are breakable. However, you should stop worrying about this aspect as glass shower screens are perfectly safe. That is right as the type of glass used here is different from the usual types of glass materials that you see around. The type of glass that is used with sower screens is tempered and this type will not be easily broken. However, if by chance it will indeed break, trust that it is not really that scary as tempered will be broken into really small pieces so that it cannot harm anybody. Install glass shower screens when planning to have a bathroom renovation.



– As for the design, you have a number of options like you can choose the really clear one, or etched type or frosted and so on. Actually, you can say that when it comes to designs, sky is the limit. Thus they say that shower screens these days can really alter the look of the bathroom with their customizable and amazing design options.

– There are so many benefits when you will incorporate glass shower screens like frameless glass shower screens for example as your bathroom will not look messy. There will be no splashes of water and if you have the bathroom and comfort room in one area, then both functions can be used at the same time because of the shower screens. This is not possible though with installing a shower screen as the one using the comfort room area might get wet with the splashes of the one taking a bath. And most of all, glass shower screens are easy to install besides this is really not a problem since most suppliers will provide free installations.

So, there is no need to be in a dilemma as to what type of shower screen to incorporate. If you have the money, then why not install frameless glass! With this type of shower screen, your bathroom will really look sleek and innovative. It will also look clean all the time.

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