Get To Know The Different Dive Resorts In Palawan

Whether you are a citizen of the Philippines or you are from another country but you are looking for a commendable dive site, then I say you come to the right place. You might have been to a lot of dive sites already and is looking for something new to explore. Well, why don’t you try the Philippines? There are a number of dive sites in this country and most of the best ones are found in Palawan. With this diving resort, you will not only be able to dive a whole new world but at the same time, you can even bring your family with you as their accommodations are superb as well. It is usually located in a peaceful and quiet place, but with all the modern amenities and entertaining nightlife. Yes, you will certainly have a rest of the city life but can still have fun if you choose to.

You can choose among the best dive spots in Palawan that are listed below:

dive resorts

– El Nido Resorts that is in Lagen Island. According to some online reviews, this resort is absolutely amazing and magnificent. And if you are just a beginner in diving, there is no need to worry much as a reliable instructor by the name of Fern will be there to assist you. The ecotourism is even said to be at its best in this dive resort.

– There is also one in Pangulasian Island. In this resort, there are about 20 dive spots to choose from that are easy to access from the resort itself. There is also a good diving instructor that will be able to guide all their diving enthusiast tenants. Their staffs are equally amazing as well and you can even go snorkelling in front of the accommodation because of the clear waters.

– Another option is in Amanpulo. Actually, though diving is also one of the activities that you can do here but aside from that, you can also do a number of activities like snorkelling, have a windsurfing lessons and a lot more. There is even one previous customer saying that he has a new definition of paradise because of this resort.

– Then there is also the Dos Palmas Island Resorts and Spa. This is also a scuba diving site and this will surely give you a good experience as well. You will really not see any TV inside the room thus you will be forced to enjoy what the nature can provide as source of entertainment and I tell you, you will surely prefer it this way this time. You will be grateful to the management that they do not provide a kind of time consuming entertainment inside your rooms so that you will be forced to enjoy life outside.

When you are into diving age really matters. This is why, while you are still young, you should explore some of the other diving sites available for you.