Get Oriented With The Roles And Duties Of A Criminal Lawyer

First of all, what is a criminal lawyer? We all know that there are different types of lawyers such as family lawyer, real estate lawyer and still a lot more. One of them is called criminal lawyers. There are also lawyers that don’t have specialisations and that means they cater to almost all types of cases. When you say criminal lawyers, it means those types of lawyers that defend people who are in trouble with cases that are considered by the society as criminal. Such cases can involve killing a person, sexual abuse, theft, domestic violence and still a lot more. There are so many criminal lawyers around already, however, criminal cases are serious and they can end your life in the outside world. Not only that, they can even end your life as well especially in countries where death penalty is allowed.


This is why, when facing this kind of mess, you should hire the best criminal lawyer you can possibly afford. However, before hiring one, you might want to understand the full roles and duties of a typical criminal lawyer:

  • His first duty is to assess the case. Yes, that is right as criminal lawyers already function long before you will see them in court. If you will hire one from a huge law firm, most of the time they have retainers that will do the investigations as the criminal lawyer that will appear in the court must be fully aware of the situation. He must be well versed about the case so that he can get ready when questioning time comes and he will know the right questions to ask.
  • A criminal lawyer will also handle in handling pleas. This is what will happen if he is representing the accused person and the accused person admits that he really did commit the crime but under different circumstances. This is why, the criminal lawyer of the accused client will then contact the defense lawyer to arrange a bargain where he will plea as guilt but in a lesser crime and therefore, lesser sentence.
  • The criminal lawyer will also be the one to handle the case as well. However, that is only after the decision of the accused or the one he is representing. Yes ultimately, it is the accused who will decide whether he will have the trial or he will accept any deal. The criminal lawyer will only be there to inform the accused of his options and the possible effects of each of them. If the accused will decide to have the trial believing he has better chances, then the lawyer must defend him with all his abilities. For him to be more effective, he must completely believe in all the details his client said.

This is just some of the roles of a typical criminal lawyer. There are still more that are not listed here. However, you can continue familiarizing yourself to them first before hiring criminal lawyers Brisbane.