Handling a Concrete Cutting Torch

For a variety of concrete tasks, it is important to utilize a concrete cutting touch. It can be utilized for a wide range of errands, yet regularly you will require it to cut the shape and size of concrete or even metal. In the event that you are new to this apparatus, you might need to make this stride by step brief training with a specific end goal to learn for your next concrete cutting venture.


• Procedure 1: Prepare

Before you utilize this kind of concrete cutting hardware you have to ensure that you get ready similarly as wellbeing is concerned. Ensure that you generally have a fire quencher adjacent if there should be an occurrence of any issues that may emerge. Additionally, make sure that you are wearing boots, security goggles and gloves so you don’t place yourself in risk. Baggy apparel is additionally something that you will need to avoid with the goal that you don’t coincidentally burst it into flames.

• Procedure 2: Secure the Material

Ensure that you secure the material that you are slicing to ensure that it doesn’t move around. You can utilize a clip to do this or backings. Additionally, you will need to deal with a metal or steel table or work space so you don’t harm the region that you are taking a shot at.

• Procedure 3: Mark the Material

Since you have it secured, utilize a marker or pencil to stamp the ranges that you need to cut utilizing the solid light. Ensure that you utilize a straight edge to make your imprints or a ruler with the goal that you can gauge twice and cut just once.

• Procedure4: Cut

Before you really do any concrete cutting service in Brisbane, you should connect the tanks to the right gages. Attach the red and green hoses together. The oxygen and the acetylene will connect together. Make certain to utilize a torque when you are joining the hoses together with the goal that they are fixed totally and secure. On the off chance that you don’t do this progression with alert, the metal on the hose can be harmed. At that point, kill the acetylene off and the gas on. The weight ought to never go more than 15 PSI, else you risk beginning a blast. Presently, turn on the oxygen controller.

You can alter it by opening and shutting the valve. Start by opening it totally, however then move it down gradually so that the PSI is around 30 or something like that, plus or minus 5. You can open the acetylene valve and turn it on. At that point you will have the capacity to press the handle of the striker to light the touch.

You need to continue modifying the acetylene valve until you wind up with a fire that is around 10 crawls or so long and is a yellow shading. Work the tip around the imprints that you made with a specific end goal to cut the material.