Why Hire a Plumber to Unclog Blocked Drains?

Blocked drains are a nightmare for any homeowner. They can be frustrating, as they affect the regular routine in your household. Simple tasks can become impossible when you’re dealing with these situations. However, most people still prefer to fix these problems on their own.

  • Plumbers have the expertise

Calling a plumber is still the best solution to unclog blocked drains. What most people don’t realise is that they could be hurting their entire drainage system in the long run by skimping the professionals. A clog can be a simple blockage, but sometimes it’s symptomatic of a bigger issue. Broken or bursting pipes can sometimes cause clogs, and these problems are better diagnosed and dealt with at the earliest possible time.

  • They have the knowledge

Plumbers aren’t just there to fix your sink; they’re there to diagnose and apply the best possible solution. Their expertise is due to a long and rigorous training program to ensure the quality of service they offer.

  • They have the right tools

Chances are you won’t have the tools that a professional has, simply because you don’t need them often. The most technologically advanced plumbers will even have a CCTV drains inspection for these blockages. This helps them see the problem firsthand, taking the guesswork out of the equation.

They are also equipped with commercial grade, high-powered water jets. This is the most effective way to clear out blockages. If there are repairs or replacements that need to be done, their plumbing kits are complete to do any type of job.

  • They know what’s good for your system

Have you ever wondered why plumbers don’t use commercial chemical pipe cleaners? It’s a little-known fact, but professionals know that these do more damage than good. They wear down the surface of your pipes, causing them to weaken. This reduces their lifespan.

Using chemical cleaners on blocked drains can also be dangerous. Gas can build up inside the pipes. Not only are these gases unhealthy – they can leave residue inside your pipes. Unknowingly mixing other cleaning materials with this can cause your pipes to burst.

Blocked drains can cause long term issues so it is better to contact professionals such as Bell Plumbing and Maintenance to prevent great damage. Contact the team now to help you solve the problem!