How to Grow Herbs for Herbal Teas

If you are an avid tea drinker, you must already know the many benefits that can be acquired in just a small cup of herbal tea. Truly, it is enough to say that herbal teas are just a kind of hot drink (or cold sometimes) that helps you refresh, calm and relax, because they also have a lot of health and medicinal benefits. Furthermore, a lot of herbs used for herbal teas are so easy to grow, and this will give you the opportunity to grow your own herbs and produce your own ingredients in making the herbal tea of your personal preference.

Here are some of the herbs used for herbal teas and how to grow them.


What is it: Mint is one of the classic herbal teas and is also an ingredient in a lot of commercial tea blends.



How to grow it: It is easy to grow mint herbs in your garden, and not only that

– it can also overtake your garden quickly. Because of this, it is recommended that you grow mint in its own bed, or in a container. Mint comes in different varieties, and either you grow spearmint or peppermint, menthol is the active component.


What is it: Ginger is a homely root known as a natural treatment for coughs, colds and nausea. Instead of gingerale to sooth your upset stomach, you can draft a cup of ginger tea sweetened with honey for a real dose of soothing ginger.

How to grow it: Being a tropical plant, ginger is just so easy to grow, even indoors. It only requires soil of good quality, warmth and humidity and also filtered sunlight.


What is it: Chamomile tea, which flavor resembles the apple had mild sedative properties. The medicinal properties of this herb lie in the petals of its tiny flowers. You just have to steep it a little longer to extract all of its medicinal values.

How to grow it: Chamomile is also easy to grow from seeds. Begin planting them during the late winter and keep them indoor until the risk of frost has passed. The chamomile plant can blossom even with a little water during the hot season. Just take note when you are buying the seeds that German chamomile is an annual, and Roman chamomile is a perennial.

There are a lot more herbs that are used in herbal teas which can easily be grown in your garden. Start drinking tea and live healthy.

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