Importance of Spare Keys

It is not surprising that sometimes, you may  get locked up from your own car. That’s why it is essential to have a spare key. Here’s what you should know:

Save money

Replacing the door lock in a car can be extremely pricey. It is much cheaper to have a copied key instead of shouldering all the expenses. Not only that, it can also save you from the cost of having to break into your own car. Contact Brisbane automotive locksmith now if your pet is locked up inside the car.

Peace of mind

Isn’t it nice to think that you have an extra car key at home? No matter what happens, someone in the house has access to these keys so when an emergency happens, you can be at ease. Imagine this scenario: you have an important meeting and suddenly, you can’t find your keys. Now, what do you do? For people who are desperate, they can contact the nearest automotive locksmith. These people can easily open the car without a sweat. They can also provide replacement key services if you still can’t access your lost keys.


If you can’t find your keys, you will have your spare key to take your vehicle to the dealership to replace the door locks. This avoids giving thieves time to locate your car and steal it. Take advantage of this by taking your vehicle to the dealership the moment you realise you lost your keys.

Having a spare key will save you from stress, burglary, and costly repairs. So, if you’re in doubt whether to get 2 or 3 spare keys, don’t think twice. Contact automotive locksmith today and be secured.