How To Improve Indoor Air Quality

Animal dander, moulds and dust mites that are in the air can trigger allergies and cause serious problems like bronchitis and other respiratory problems. To help, we listed the tips on how you can improve air quality at your home:

Add Some Plants

Not only can plants make your house appealing, but they can also help purify indoor air. They release oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide, including the allergens. Moreover, they can also lessen outdoor noise, too. So, put some potted plants in your patios or in your garden.

You can have aloe Vera, Gerber daisies, spider plants, snake plants, azaleas and chrysanthemums. Just make sure that you will maintain these every day as you don’t want them to attract pests.

Proper Ventilation

The Environmental Protection Agency advise to open your windows and properly ventilate your house so plenty of fresh air can enter and circulate. This is important, especially when doing a house remodelling or if you are painting your walls or flooring.

Replace Beddings

Your bed sheet can be one of the reasons why your air is polluted. Aside from the dust, there could be dust mites, moulds and pollens in your linens and pillows’ fabric. Wash or replace your mattress covers and pillows often. You can also use hypoallergenic fabric to help you reduce the dust in your home.

Stop Smoking Indoors

The smoke that comes from a cigarette contains more than 4,000 different chemicals. That’s why if you are smoking inside, the quality of the air inside is compromised. Step outside or ask smokers to go out.

Keep Your Couch Fresh

Dirt and stains that are on your sofa can make your whole house unkept. Moreover, these can also create a weird smell in your area. As long as possible, always keep it clean. Vacuum your furniture or hire couch cleaning Adelaide service.