How to Incorporate Contemporary Kitchen Designs at Home

Contemporary kitchen designs are very popular in homes everywhere. It’s a combination of a variety of themes, and they form together in a simple, well-integrated theme. They’re an especially popular choice for many as they can make any kitchen look clean. They’re also a good middle ground who don’t like the busier themes of traditional designs, but away modern design’s tendency to be too masculine.

Here are a few tips on how to incorporate contemporary kitchen designs at home:

  • Use stainless steel appliances

You may have noticed a trend of stainless steel kitchen appliances pop up everywhere. There used to be a time when white appliances were all the rage, as was the trend with traditional kitchens. When modern design started to become popular, black was the in colour. Today, steel is the choice if you want a contemporary style.

  • Display your kitchenware

Make sure that your kitchenware shares a theme, so it still looks neat. Preferably, they should all be the same colour and should be stacked neatly either on open shelving or top to bottom racks. Brightly coloured mixing bowls, pottery and glasses are all good display choices.

  • Keep it clean and simple

Contemporary kitchen designs should look simple and clean. Sleek, straight lines should be in the details. This allows your kitchen to be high functioning, making it easier to move around the kitchen, whilst still maintaining the décor.

  • The colours should follow a ratio

This style isn’t exactly flexible when it comes to mixing and matching colours. However, you do have the option to use whatever colour you want, whether it be the blackest black or the brightest red. The only rule is that it should be in the ratio of 60-30-10.

Your dominant colour should comprise 60% of your furniture, while 30% should be a secondary, complementary colour. The remaining 10% will go to the accent, which helps tie everything together.

Incorporating contemporary kitchen designs into your home is as easy as baking a pie. For more tips and tricks like these, Belle Décor House is the place to go.