Wholesale Framed Art From Innovate Interiors

You bought this print but the frame is kind of shabby, so you plan to replace it. Yes, it is indeed a must that your artwork should have a frame that would let the artwork stand out. There are several companies out there that provide art framing services.

Innovate Interiors provide frames; they also provide readily framed art and prints. What’s more is that they also provide canvases, wallpapers and mirrors. The good thing about them is they accept wholesale orders of their products, which are, of course, cheaper than if you purchase them by piece. It is more convenient as well if you need plenty of artwork for your house or office.

If you are looking for beautiful artworks and frames, these tips might be useful to you:

1. Be sure that you are comfortable with the framer

You see, it is important for the framer to really be familiar with your print. He or she needs to ensure that the choice of frame will complement the print base on its colour and concept. This is one of the reasons why most framers must have a good relationship with the artist.

2. The art should remain as the focal point

The frame is important and in fact, it must complement the artwork. However, the frame should never overlap with the print. The print should remain as the focal point.

3. Mats must be considered

When it comes to framing, the general rule of thumb is the size of the mat, it should be opposite to the size of the artwork. Thus, if the artwork is smaller, then the mat should be bigger and vice versa.

Indeed, choosing the best frame for your artwork is a big deal. If you are into art, check out Innovate Interiors as they have a wide array of frames that you can choose from. Contact them for more information about their wholesale framed art and other products.