The Many Dangers of Termite Infestation

Termites. These tiny insects make many homeowners cringe in fear and caution. And why not? Despite their tiny size, an infestation of this dangerous species of insect can bring down a wooden house and eat up any timber portion of any home such as the ceilings and floors, even though it is made of concrete. Because of their capacity to consume any wooden material, home owners are advised to hire Termite Pest Control Brisbane to treat the timber parts of their properties at once to prevent them from causing further damages. Just how dangerous termites are? Here are some facts of this obnoxious and notorious wood eater:

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They are voracious eaters – These tiny critters are proven to devour any part of your home that is made of wood. From the ceiling, posts and braces to your valued furniture, these pests are ruthless in devastating your house. Whilst they cannot bring down a house, they can still produce severe damages in your home that can cost thousands of dollars.

They also eat cellulose products – Their appetite doesn’t stop from eating timber, they also eat any products that came from wood. If your house is termite-infested, secure your important documents as these critters also feed on paper. Not only that, they can also consume clothes. So, you should protect your clothes and cabinets too.

They can also destroy electric wires – As they love cellulose products, they can also feed on the insulation of electric wires as well as switches, plugs and sockets. Consuming this coating can expose the wires that can lead to short circuits that can cause damage to electrical appliances and even fire.

They can cause diseases – Whilst termites are not known to spread life-threatening diseases unlike mosquitoes and mice, they still pose dangers to people with allergies. The droppings and powdered wood that they left behind after devouring wood can also trigger asthma attacks.

These dangers of termites can be prevented if you hire termite pest control professionals. They can apply substances that prevent these tiny critters from feasting on the wooden parts of your home.