The Many Types Of Shade Structures

We are undeniably in the El Niño season thus no matter where you go, you feel the hotness of the sun. And if you will also go out, the more that the heat of the sun can really get to you thus you will just stay inside and have your air conditioning system running 24/7 thus you will end up with high electric bills. Though shade structures might not completely solve this problem but still it will let you have a taste of fresh air like if you will attach them on your patio, extra shade will be added keeping the heat of the sun away from the patio. Because of that, you can just standby idly in your patio to have that fresh air. Aside from that, you can also use shade structures to extend the shades of your doors and your windows where the sun can also find its way to get through your home.

There are many types of shade structures as you have probably seen already and most of the common ones are listed below:



– The most popular and basic shade structure is the free standing umbrella. In fact, for sure you have seen them in your neighbourhood already. Some are not really free standing like they will need to be inserted in a whole of a table so that they can stand. While others are really free standing like they have sturdy bases that will hold the entire shade structure. Before, there are just limited designs of umbrella but that is not the case these days as these products are now completely customizable. You can order for something that is really apt for your exterior like you will be the one to say about the material, the color and design and even the base for that matter.

– Another type of shade structure is the marquee’s. Though this is just meant to be temporary, still it functions just like any type of shade structures. It protects anybody who will seek comfort from too much heat of the sun and the coldness of the wind. This is good if you are planning for a lavish party like wedding or similar events. If you have seen this type of shade structure, you will see that it is designed exquisitely and not meant for ordinary event.

– You can also have the pergola design. For sure you already know what a pergola is. With this shade in your front lawn, it will surely enhance the entire place like those you will see in the magazines. However, since this is completely customizable, you can always create one that is unique and not available everywhere like the product of your imagination.

There are still many types of shade structures that you can readily buy to erect in your home. Some are meant to be permanent like they can stay in place for years while there are also those that are meant to be temporary.

Where to buy shade structures?