Do you Need a Custom or a Production Home Builder?

When you plan to build you new house you have to think whether you need to work with a custom home builder or a home builder. What’s the difference you might wonder?

First of all, both types of house builders can offer a great new house for you. But the difference is how many choices you want to make and how much design you want to have.

Production Home Builder

Production builders provide land and house as a package, a variety of house plan to choose from, let you choose your preferred design or style from catalogues and construct houses. Usually, a production builder can construct the same size house cheaper than the custom builder. They can also get building materials at lower prices because they buy them in bulk.

These professionals simultaneously constructs several homes, mainly in large new communities, but allows customers to personalise them by choosing cabinets, appliances, flooring or countertops from the option offered by the contractor. If you choose to work with a production builder, you do not have the option to change the basic structure, such as the layout of the rooms, the floor plan or the square footage.

Custom Home Builders

Let’s say that you have already found the perfect spot where you want to build your dream house. Maybe you also have a set of floor plans or want to be fully involved in the process of your home’s design. Then you should choose these professionals.

The house can be built on land you acquire or that you already own, you can come up with the floor plan or ask the contractor to create one from scratch according to your requirements. You will be more involved in the building process and make decisions should there be any alterations needed.

A custom made home will cost more than a production home because the custom builder does not benefit from all the discounts for the materials that a production builder would usually do. The price will be set by the size of the home, its design, the materials you choose and the building products.

A custom builder can create any type of houses, so before hiring one you can ask to see pictures of the houses he has built before to see if they match with what you want.

When you work with a custom contractor, your choices are limited only by your budget and the zoning or building code limitations. When you hire a custom builder, the first thing to talk about is budget and make sure that you stick to it.

The builder Brisbane can create a unique, one-of-a-kind home that will fit your needs and desires.

These differences between custom home contractor and production home builders will help you decide what design and product choices you will make.