Oldest Herbal Tea Brands in the World

If are just starting to be an avid tea drinker, you might be surprised to know that teas have been existing for thousands of years now. People in the East, especially those from the countries in Asia have been avid tea drinkers for millennia, and it is so good that this hot drink, which is reported to be offering a lot of health benefits, is being brought and introduced to the Western people. Many people opt herbal tea over coffee, because it has less caffeine and provides more antioxidants, which is essential to fight the free radicals in the body which causes a lot of diseases. From dried roots and organic ingredients, teas are now being introduced in the market as brands. So what are the oldest herbal tea brands in the world? Let’s check out the list.

1) Wissotzky Tea. This herbal tea brand was founded in Russia in 1849, making it one of the oldest herbal tea brands in the world. The company is originally based in Israel, but the products are distributed through retailers and supermarkets in South Korea, Hungary, Canada, Ukraine, Australia, Japan, the UK and the US.

2) Mariage Freres. This herbal tea brands was first introduced in France in 1854 and is known to be one of the most famous herbal tea brands in the world. This is the brand of tea that is usually served in popular hotels like Meurice in France, Claridge in the UK and Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Japan.

3) Kusmi. This herbal tea brand was introduced in 1867. It is a company based in France, but it became famous for selling Russian style tea. The company sells different tea blends, like those of Indian, Chines and Ceylon and their teas are available in both bags and as tea leaves.

4) Yorkshire Tea. Yorkshire Tea is known to be one of the oldest English tea brands, having been established in 1886. Yorkshire Tea is a black tea blend, with ingredients that are reported to be coming from Kenya, Sri Lanka and Assam. In Yorkshire, there are special tea rooms where this herbal tea brand is available and you can sit and relax while having a cup of tea with your friends.

5) Red Rose Tea. This herbal tea brand was established in 1894 in Canada. Red Rose Tea has already been considered as an iconic part of Canada’s history, tradition and culture. At first it was only sold in Canada, but later, it was also sold in the U.S. circa 1930.

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