Photo Booth Hire Business History

When we browse through the internet, it is not uncommon for us to see people posting their pictures from photo booths in their own facebooks and instagrams. Surely, photo booth hire business has grown popularity. But how did it really start? The first photo booth hire business was brought to the United States from Russia by Anatol Josepho in 1925. The photo booth is coin operated, 25 cents for a strip of 8 photos with the entire photo shoot taking around ten minutes. This single photo booth hire business located in Broadway at the time gained a lot of popularity with more than 280 000 people using it during the first six months. Because of this success and lucrativity, one company, the Photoman Company set out to place more photo booths all over the country.

In the early 2000s, photo booths became more widely accessible because of the advances in the technology. As computers, printers, and cameras became cheaper, more and more people are beginning to set-up their own photo booth hire businesses. People became also more aware of the convenience these offer and began renting them for every kind of occasion be it birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, product launches, bar mitzvah and every special event you can think of. And now because of the internet, the popularity of the photo booth grew even more. Every year the people who patronize this line of business grows and grows. This year alone, the interest of people with photo booths is proven by the fact that more people are renting photo booths than DJs for their parties.

As the interest of the public grew for photo booths, the competition within photo booth hire business also increased and thus more and more features are made available by different business owners to increase the demand for their own photo booth. Now, photo booths do not only print ordinary photos. Photo booth props and costumes are available for people to pose with. Sometimes these are even custom made. Some can print photos on sticker papers like the ones available in Japan. Some have facial recognition features. Some do animation with the pictures published as GIFS. Others offer more printing services aside from the usual pictures. They can also print flipbooks. Others do virtual effects and green screen editing. Some photo booths may even have games that people who pose can play with. And some photo booths offer video services as well. Surely the photo booth business has evolved with time.

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