Plastic Surgery? Have a Quick Recovery

Plastic surgery is aimed at repairing and reconstructing damaged body tissues, either from accidents, medical procedures or those born with defects. The aim is to restore functionality and also help the patient gain self-confidence. With the advancement of technology in the medical field, surgical procedures are more successful nowadays, and the worry lies in the recovery process. After the patient has had a successful procedure, the focus shifts to recovery since with failed recovery, the patient may be exposed to many risks and the procedure would probably need to be repeated. The best way to have a quick recovery is staying healthy even before the actual surgery is done. Here are a few things you should have in mind after the procedure;

• Your surgeon will probably recommend some vitamins and supplements to aid in your recovery process. As we know, vitamins help with restoration of body tissues and healing, therefore sticking to these vitamins and supplements you will be able to have a smooth and quick recovery. You should never miss on the medications and guidelines provided since they are meant to help you recover.



• You should always take enough rest and be positive about your recovery. Doing any vigorous tasks that may increase your heart beat isn’t the best idea at this stage. You should focus on your recovery and definitely have a caretaker who will take care of your and any duties. When recovering from a plastic surgery, it is best to stay positive and avoid stressing over things.

• Watch your diet. You should take a lot of liquids to aid in healing and try and avoid salty meals that could increase bleeding. Your surgeon should give you recommended foods to take during this stage. The best thing is to personally take care of you. The doctor will probably recommend a lot of things, but it all depends on you. If you wish to recover quickly, you should definitely adhere to all of them.

These are just a few guidelines, and if you are planning to undergo plastic surgery, you should probably consider International Aesthetics as your first option. Our surgeon Dr. Unson is board certified and with our experience in the field, we know and understand how a patient’s recovery is important. We always follow up on our client’s progress even after they are done with the procedure. Before you are admitted for plastic surgery Thailand, you will have to set up a Skype Live account that will be used by our doctor and recovery manager Marc to monitor your progress.