Plumbing Problems

Once you start encountering a plumbing problem, you will then realize that plumbing is not an easy job because fixing it would be complicated. We can’t deny the fact that this kind of problem might occur to us, some of them are easy to fix but some can be a big trouble. There are different plumbing problems that can be fixed using different methods.

One of the most common plumbing problems that we may encounter is that, when the water in our sink is draining slowly. The sink without a cover can collect any kind of debris, like leftovers or hairs, and in time, it might be blocked and of course the water won’t drain.

To solve this is, the debris that is collected on the drain should be cleaned out, in order for the water drain faster. And by doing that, you can use Zip-it; this is a kind of plumbing tool that can be very handy in this kind of situation. Or you can also use another method, and that is by removing the cover and getting rid of all the debris, but before that, you should use gloves when removing debris, cleaning the cover can be very disgusting.After doing that you can return back the cover of the sink to its place and surely the water would drain faster. In order to prevent this from happening again, you should put a sign to notify them, that any leftovers or any kind of debris that can block the cover of the sink should be thrown away in the trashcan directly.


If the problem is a leaking faucet, you should first locate where the leak started, then after locating it, you should turn off its water supply, the valves for it is usually found under the sink, but if you’re not sure which is which, you can just turn off the main source of the water supply.

The next thing to do is to take a look of the faucet, if you think it can still be repaired by covering the hole with a tape, plastic or anything that you can use as a cover, then you can do it, but if you think that the faucet is too old already and you think that other areas of it might also leak, you can just throw the faucet into the trash can then replace it with a new one, then you can turn on the main source back

A slow draining tub is just like a slow draining sink; it happens because the drain is blocked by a lot of hair, but they can be fixed easily, the only thing you need to do is by getting rid of the hairs, and by doing that, you can just use the handy plumbing tool which is the Zip-it.

There are plumbing problems that might be too difficult for us, like running toilets and jammed garbage disposal. In this situation, it is easier to call the professional plumber in Adelaide for help.