How to Prevent Accidents as a Painter

As a painter, occupational safety and health hazards are common at your line of work. Day to day, you are faced with dangerous situations that may affect you or others. You might fall from a great height, or you might slip on your own paint. And as human nature dictates, we tend to neglect our health and safety, as long as nothing happens to us. We often overlook near misses, not thinking that a near miss today could be an accident tomorrow.

Accidents can be prevented, and there are measures you can do to avoid them. And as a painter, it is your responsibilities to yourself and to others to prevent these accidents.

Prevent accidents by:

  1. Always keep your area clean.

Always make sure that the lids of your paint, thinner and primers are sealed. Make sure they are properly closed, to prevent spills.

  1. Always wear uniform, and use personal protective equipment.

You probably have a uniform. Always wear that uniform, as they are designed to accommodate you well while you are working. Never forget to use your personal protective equipment, as they are your first line of defence at work. As much as possible, wear the goggles and mask, to protect your eyes and to prevent you from inhaling toxics.

  1. Never forget the correct procedures when working at heights.

Being a painter, working at heights is necessary. It is always practical to remember the proper procedure in doing so. Always have two harnesses, one clamped while you are transferring the other. Make sure that they are securely fitted to your body.

  1. Always use quality equipment.

Never go for cheap equipment, as they are usually poor in quality. A cent you save today might be the death of you tomorrow.

  1. Have a break in at least every hour.

When painting and standing at the same time, always have a break. Your bones and muscles are not intended for standing at long periods of a time. They might not ache right now, but as you get older, you will start feeling pain.

  1. Always make sure that you don’t get electrocuted.

When working on walls that have wirings, make sure that they are not turned on. Also make sure that you are wearing shoes that have rubber soles, never wear slippers or open toe sandals. Make sure that you are not wet, wipe off liquids.

  1. Have a well-planned schedule.

Always have at least 8hours of rest. Do not work for more than 10hours a day. Lack of sleep slows down your reflexes. Also, exhaustion and over fatigue can kill a person.

These are the preventive measures you can take as a painter. Keep yourself safe and others too.

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