Questions to Ask Your Security Screen Doors Installer

Before you finally close a deal with an installer for your security screen doors, it is necessary that you ask them all relevant questions that can bring you to satisfaction. Do not rush; take your time and make sure that everything is clear. To help you get started, below are good questions you can ask:

“How many showrooms do you have?”

Know the location, operation hours and products that are on display. This is important for you to know. As much as you want to get satisfied with the photos they posted online, seeing and inspecting it in person is a must.

“In case need arises, who will service my security screen door?”

Same as knowing who will install it, you need to know who will service it if needed. Will they send you a third-party repairman or one of their employees? To add, you may want to know the turnaround time as to when they can dispatch a repairman to fix the issue.

“What is included on your warranty and is it included in the purchase price or is it separate?”

Make sure that you read the small print and never hesitate to ask questions if you do not understand details of their warranty. Make sure that you know everything on the warranty card—you would not want to end up disappointed since the coverage date inclusion is over the time you need your door repaired.

“How long do you need to build my ordered door and when will you install it?”

Ask for definite timelines, and if you are on a project, make sure that they meet your deadlines. You can always negotiate for time, but other companies charge an extra fee for rush orders.

“Is your door made of aluminium or steel?”

If you are looking for durability, then you have to go for steel, aluminium is a flexible metal and lightweight yet not known for strength.

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