Questions You Need to Ask Your Corporate Catering Provider

Here’s the truth about company parties: people hate taking care of it. A caterer takes all the rest of the effort. However, you need to ask a few questions before getting their service.

Who am I meeting with?

You start with the basics. Who are you meeting with? Are you meeting the proprietor, the manager or the salesperson? You need to know who you will work with and what’s their influence over what happens. You also need to know if they can take your requests and make them happen. Without enough understanding of the things you need, the catering talks can fall apart.

What do you plan to do?

The next question will be the planning. Typically, the coordinator will take care of this. Then, they will ask you the specifics. From the location, design, theme to the style of service, you have to throw in questions of how they can make your requirements work.

What would you serve?

Corporate catering needs to be flexible. You want a business that offers other services like a full-on dessert service or a licensed bar with overflowing drinks. This is why many caterers offer what is called a package service, combining multiple facets of the part experience in one, singular contract.

Where do you get your ingredients?

If you are a conscientious buyer or if you’re just plain careful, you would want to ask how the business fields their ingredients. If it says it gets its products locally, it means it’s ultra-fresh, and you can expect many of the locally available foodstuff to be available in their dishes.

A business may also say that they get their ingredients shipped out of state, which means they have a wider variety of options and may even have more exotic options that are not available in the locality. Adaptability means they can take care of things that need to be taken care of, including being aware of allergy preferences.

Corporate catering can take much of the load off your back but to get the best, you need to start asking questions to keep in control.