Restaurant Dining, Your Don’ts as a Customer

When dining in the best restaurant in Brisbane you as a customer should consider that waiters and waitresses daily deals with stress in their jobs, the stress brought by their job as front liners apart from the degradation they get from most customers or at least a few, cannot even level with the minimum wage that these waiters and waitresses get. At least a small consideration from you as a customer would help ease or at least lessen the stress they have on their shoulders. The service industry in Restaurant business surely does not have a future if those service tips given by customers do not exist, minimum wage, multitasking and a huge amount of stress surely would make every waiter and waitresses think more than twice if they still would want to stay.

When dining in a Restaurant you as a customer should consider the following Don’ts:

  • When dining in a Restaurant. Do not call the attention of waiters and waitresses as soon as you get seated, you surely will be attended in a while. As mentioned, these waiters and waitresses have to multitask, not just to take and serve your order. At least take time to consider that fact, wait for someone to assist you, as there could have been someone whom they are currently attending to that came in first.
  • Do not clap, yell, snap or whistle to call the attention of the waiters and waitresses. They are people too, they deserve to be respected; they have names, at least use their names to call them.
  • Do not make the waiters and waitresses read, describe and differentiate the meals in the menu when dining in a Restaurant. There is a reason the menu has description in each meal, there is a reason each meal have pictures (often than not), at least do your part; do not add to the load that these waiters and waitresses have on their shoulders.
  • Do not let the waiters and waitresses do a guessing game with you. You know your health condition; at least let your servant know what it is you can drink or eat and what it is that you cannot.
  • Do not expect free food or free drinks just because you are a regular customer and goes to the same Restaurant.

These list of things are your responsibility as a customer, do not leave everything to the waiters and waitresses, you as a customer should drop that old common misconception that ‘customers are always right’.