Roof Parts That Are Susceptible To Leaks

A professional contractor knows how to find a roof leak within no time. Some leaks are not visible yet they cause heavy damage on woods and insulation. It is simpler to spot a leak on a flat roof than on a sloppy one. Determining a leak can be a hard task if you don’t know the construction design of a roof.

That is why you need to call roofing experts to make a thorough inspection of gutters, vent pipes, shingles and the chimney to spot all problematic areas. Even though different roofs are designed differently, there are particularly vulnerable areas, which are as follows:

1. Vertical Slits

These parts are found between roof shingles. Water runs here, making the parts more exposed to rust conditions. Most roof repairs involve replacement of corrodes tiles.

2. Valleys

Two tilted roof panels form an angle between them. The angle is normally perpendicular and it facilitates the collection of water on the roof. The shingles are remodelled to suit the shape of valleys by rough cuts. This cutting leads to the creation of gaps that act as leeways for water to run under the shingles. In most cases, flashings are mounted on the valleys to create even edges.

3. Skylights

These are usually mounted for the purpose of adding lighting and aesthetics. However, skylights contribute to roof leaks because rainwater can seep through the flat edges and get trapped. They can also crack sometimes.

4. Chimneys

Old caulking on chimneys is one major reason for roof leaks. If caulking was installed poorly, corrosion and cracking are bound to happen. The chimney flashing can have fractures that allow in water. In such a case, a sealant or masonry caulk can be used in roof repair.

5. Granules

The shingles have a stony surface, which shields them from UV radiations and physical damage. After a while, they wear out and the shingles are exposed. Missing granules are the reason the shingles from bare patches. This problem needs to be fixed before it gets worse.

Roofing experts know to handle all sorts of leaks, from small to complicated jobs. For any queries regarding roof leaks, call roof repairs Newcastle NSW and get quotes for the repair services.