Ensure Worker Safety In Extremely Cool Rooms

Cool rooms are often essential for many businesses. These are often storage areas for delicate things like temperature-sensitive chemicals and meat products. The extreme cold in these work areas presents health and safety hazards to anyone who works or enters in these cubicles.

Any workplace, especially those with extreme temperatures, need proper safety measures to prevent problems. Without proper safety measures, extreme cold in these places may result in accidents and health problems – such as frostbite, hypothermia, chilblains and immersion injury – that may endanger the physical conditions and lives of workers.

To keep employees and company from incurring heavy damages from accidents and health problems while working in frigid areas here are some pointers to consider:

Make sure your company follows safety standards – Operating cold places requires following specifications and standards. For companies that operate ultra-cool rooms, they should abide by the BS4434 standard. This will give customers, stakeholders and government agencies assurance that you are operating with safety in mind.

Wear protective clothing – You should cover your entire body in complete safety gear whilst working. For your body, you must wear a minimum of three layers of clothing for insulation. You should preferably wear a hard hat with wool knit cap underneath for your head; gloves and mittens for your hands; a face mask; and goggles.

Regular training – A periodic training helps employees refresh the safety measures while working in frigid environments. Sometimes, forgetting a simple and seemingly trivial task may result in tremendous damage that may cause serious repercussions. Any worker should know what to do in case he/she or any colleagues encounter work hazards such as cold injury, accidental lock-in, equipment failure and ice build-up.

Equip with safety and security features – Extremely cool rooms should have complete safety features that employees can use in case of emergencies. It should be equipped with at least one emergency exit, battery-operated alarm systems and emergency lighting. Also, make sure that only authorised personnel can enter the place.

Healthy work practices – The company should conduct regular medical check-up, ideally twice a year, to make sure employees are physically and mentally fit to work inside a very cool room. Workers should make sure they get adequate nutritional requirements in carrying out their tasks. They are informed to eat high-calorie food to help maintain body heat. They should also drink plenty of warm liquids, but not caffeinated drinks and diuretics. Employees should also get enough sleep.