How To Save Money From Photo Booth Hire?

Throwing a party can be very expensive, thus trying to get the most discounts is an advantage. One of the most known activities during any events or occasions is photo booth hire Sydney. If you want to get better deals with photo booth hire, then it is ideal to consider few of the factors below:

  • Make reservations early

Some companies providing photo booth hire services, may offer discounts to those who will make their reservations a lot earlier than the exact date you need their service. The earlier the reservation, the bigger discount you can get. Ask your chosen photo booth hire company and see whether they have this type of service not.

  • Try to haggle

Try to negotiate and get the maximum discount you could possibly get. They might have fixed rates or packages, but trying to haggle or at least get additional would be ideal. Few free shots, additional hours etc. is definitely ideal.

  • Get as many options as possible

Do not stick with just one option. There are many photo booth hire in Australia, thus consolidating information from package inclusions to rates etc., will help you get the most affordable option. Do not focus on just the rates alone, consider other factors like inclusions, freebies etc. Make a good comparison, then you can start choosing.

  • Take advantage of promos

There are some photo booth hire that may offer promos, take advantage of the promo they offer and schedule it on the date that you need the service. If you know that sooner you need their service, then it is best if you get their service while they are giving it out with discounts. Promos may not necessarily mean, you have to use their service right away, ask and make sure that the date of your event is still covered with their promo.

  • Be a loyal customer

Some photo booth hire offer discounts to their loyal customers, they may be giving out discounts to those who are getting their service twice, thrice etc. If you get satisfied with the service they provide the first time, then there is no reason of not getting their service again anyway.

  • Refer

There are some, but not all, may consider giving discounts to customers who refer clients. Ask and see if your photo booth provider carries the same privilege.