Things to Watch Out When Social Networking

For sure no one is ignorant about social networking these days as in these times; almost everyone can’t just let a day pass by without checking out what’s new in their social network’s account. You will even notice that though one of the requirements of most social network sites for anyone to be a member is at least 18 years old, there are some kids who will just lie about their age just so they can create an account of their favorite social network site. We cannot blame them of course as they are just maybe curious why their older siblings or even their parents are so engrossed with updating or uploading pictures and commenting in their accounts.



But though you may think and assume that it is safe to meet new friends through social networking as almost everyone is already here, take note that even those crooks can also create their own accounts here. And as crooks as they are, knowing there are many people they can victimized here, they will start acting like somebody who simply want to be your friend. If you are updated with the news, maybe you have heard about a number of teens being fooled about these kinds of people. They are asked to meet with their new friend from a particular social network site, and there they will be raped. Aside from them, there are still many risks that are involved in social networking like being vulnerable to hackers, spammers and many more.

So, for you not to be a victim of these kinds of people, you have to take precautions when dealing with your social network account. Here are some tips that could be of great help when social networking:

  • Always take cautions when checking out some links that are sent to you even if the senders are your friends of maybe a relative. What if they too just received them from someone and they were just asked to share the links.
  • Limit your information. Only provide minimum information as long as you can already create the account you want. When creating passwords, try to see to it they are not part of any of your information so that the hackers will have a hard time accessing your account. They will usually guess your passwords from the information you supply.
  • Since you know how intelligent these hackers are, if you will notice that the message you received is questionable, try to contact the sender in another way like through text maybe to confirm the message you received.
  • Be sure you really know the person you are accepting as a friend in a certain social network site. Take note that anybody can create a social network account, chances are they are just crooks and are just fishing information from your account.
  • Think twice before supplying your credit card numbers. If you don’t have to, then better not for you not to be sorry in the future.